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ALL!!!! TAFL is alive and well!!!!

Yes, some clubs have opted to leave the TAFL organization.....however...

TAFL is currently working to bring to you, changes you have requested! You have spoke, and we have been listening. Some of the items we are currently discussing are:  flag football, smaller clubs, uniform independance, and shorter season (6 game weeks instead of 8). Currently we have 4 teams in each age group, These teams are coming from current and previous communities. We are working on fine tuning details throughout the remainder of the month and into February.  As always, our kids safety and education of the game of football is always our top priority! We will certainly post here, and email all TAFL members once everything is into place. Thank you parents for your loyalty!




As the 2019 Football and Cheerleading registration approaches quickly, the Thumb Area Football and Cheerleading League is proud to announce it will continue our Online Registration.  


REFUND POLICY FOR 2019 There is a Non Refundable Deposit of $50.00 on all registration applications in the event a decision is made by the parent/guardian not to participate in the 2016 Football and Cheerleading Season after the online registration. As of JUNE 1, 2019 there will be NO REFUNDS of registration fees. Once this online application is submitted to the Thumb Area Football and Cheerleading League these mentioned refund polices are applicable. Please contact your Community Directors for any concerns and/or questions regarding refunds. PAYMENT OPTIONS FOR 2019 At the end of this registration you will be provided with payment options. Please utilize one of the following: 1. To pay in full by credit card please click credit card and proceed with payment with this online registration. (If you choose credit card the only option is to pay in full). 2. To pay your registration by check, cash or payment plan in the future, simply click PAY BY CHECK at end of this online registration. Once you have exited the online registration you can then go back online at any time and pay partial or full payments by credit card if you wish. You may also mail the payments to the address provided at the end of the registration or bring your check/cash/credit card to the sizing /registration event held in your community. Dates and addresses will be provided to you. At the sizing event you can also discuss payment options or other financial assistance to see if it is available within your community. For any questions simply email your Community Directors at the email provided at the end of your registration application.








USA Football continues to improve it's training on "HEADS UP FOOTBALL"

Heads Up Football is USA Football's comprehensive approach for a better, safer game with an emphasis on player safety. 

The Heads Up Football program was created by USA Football with support from the NFL.

The program focues on four key areas:

  1. Concussion Awareness
  2. Proper Equipment Fitting
  3. Coaching Education
  4. Heads Up Tackling which takes the head out of the line of contact.

All of this combined will help our TAFL Football Players  be more confident, efficient tacklers while helping to improve safety.

To learn more watch the videos below:


Concussion Awareness Brochure